Jalapeño Poppers

Deep Fried whole jalapeño chilies stuffed with creamy feta cheese.

Spicy, crunchy & oozy

160 thb

Fresh Salsa&Chips

Homemade tortilla chips with
fresh Pico de Gallo tomato salsa

*extra chips 80 THB

110 thb

Corn Lollipops

Chargrilled street style corn, slathered in
chipotle sauce, queso fresco and

tajin chili powder

160 thb


Chicken Tinga

Smoky chipotle stewed chicken,
sweet onions & sour cream

3 pieces / per set

160 thb

Beef Asada

Sliced Australian Angus Rib Eye

190 thb

Braised Pork  

Mexican spiced slow cooked pork, cucumber pickles & Chipotle mayo

160 thb


Succulent Beef Brisket Confit,

cooked low & slow

210 thb

Recommended to add homemade pork chorizo 40 THB

Fish Taco

Beer battered white fish, Valentina spicy sauce, coleslaw & mango cumin dressing

160 thb


1 piece / per order with roasted and green salsa


Suadero Gringa

Our suadero beef confit pressed
between two tortillas with lots of melted cheese!

*Recommended to add chorizo

130 thb

Our homemade pork chorizo pressed between two tortillas with lots of melted cheese!

Chorizo Gringa

130 thb


Mexican Rice

Extra fluffy spiced tomato rice,

cooked grandma style

80 thb

Refried Beans

Mexican staple, served with queso fresco and sliced chili

Add corn chips to your beans! 60 THB

80 thb


Both essentials in a single package!

150 thb

All prices for delivery are NET.